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One of the highest priorities on our cruises is to utilise the weather and conditions to gain the most from our experience in these wild and beautiful places. Being true journeys of discovery, our voyages require a flexible perspective from staff and
passengers, to ensure safety as well as the best possible experience. The captain and expedition leader will use the 18-24 hours of daylight available to coordinate time ashore and cruising in our versatile Zodiacs.

Lectures and instruction
Our team of outstanding guides and Antarctic specialists will be conducting on-board lectures and presentations on Antarctic geography, flora, fauna and history. They will also guide you and provide fascinating information during Zodiac cruises and shore activities.

Traditionally Antarctica was viewed as a wild and hostile place. However, much has changed and our ice-strengthened ships are the ideal combination of safety and comfort. Our ship's officers and crew are highly experienced in the Antarctic region.
Whilst ashore, your safety will be the prime focus of our experienced Antarctic leaders and guides. All our voyages carry a ship's doctor and our vessels have a comprehensively stocked infirmary.
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Cape Renard

South America extensions
Antarctic Horizons can also offer extensions to South America, either before or after your cruise. Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego enjoy the same season
as Antarctica and a trek through this fascinating part of the world is superb. Our guides are specialists in the Andes of southern Chile and Argentina and
can recommend exciting additions for trekking, climbing and photography. In the southern summer, excursions to Iguazu Falls, Lakes District, Galapagos
Islands and Cuba are highly recommended. Please contact our office for brochures on trekking and climbing in the Andes, and travelling anywhere in South America.
We will arrange the best and most practical airfares for you from anywhere in the world.

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