Our Expedition vessel

"Ocean Diamond"

Paradise Harbour

Registered in the Bahamas, the Ocean Diamond with it's ice-strengthened hull is perfect for safely manoeuvring within the ice bound bays and inlets of Antarctica. Unlike the larger ships, our expedition vessels can cruise to the far reaches of these remote waters.

Ships onboard equipment.

The Ocean Diamond surpass all international safety and environment standards. With it's sophisticated satellite navigation and communications equipment we are able to navigate these rugged waterways with ease, venturing into areas closed to other vessels. Designed to explore the remote corners of the world, the Sea Spirit and Ocean Diamond have state of the art safety equipment.

Cabins and amenities on-board our ship.

Ocean Diamond

Having been significantly refurbished, the Ocean Diamond offers travellers unparalleled comfort and adventure. With a speed of 15.5 knots, this stable super-yacht saves up to 12 hours on the Drake Passage, allowing more time in Antarctica. Carrying a maximum of 189 passengers, this outstanding vessel features massage, wellness and photography programmes, headsets for remote presentations and the most comprehensive polar library in Antarctica. All cabins and suites have private facilities, exterior views, DVD and a flat screen TV. Singles have one double bed with window. Twins have one double bed or two twin beds. Triples are identical to twin cabins, with a third pull-down berth.

Lunch table on our ships

Expedition dining on board the Ocean Diamond.

Our world-class chefs, using only the highest quality natural ingredients, prepare excellent and varied international cuisine.
Menus including seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes are accompanied by an excellent selection of wine, champagne and spirits.
Buffet-style with full table service is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is provided by an international staff.

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Cabins on the Ocean Diamond

Officer teaches us to use a sextant

Expedition staff, officers and crew.

Our vessels are staffed with our officers and crew, all of who are highly experienced in navigation and operations in the ice of the Polar Regions.
Our enthusiastic and dedicated expedition leaders, staff and adventure guides are not only chosen for their knowledge and experience, but also their great love of Antarctica.

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