Antarctica is the continent and surrounding islands encompassing the area below latitude 60 degrees south. Larger than Europe and the United States combined, Antarctica is isolated from the rest of the world by the krill-enriched southern oceans that completely girdle this delicately balanced ecosystem.

Crabeater seals in Pleneau Bay
Ninety eight percent of this immense continent is covered with a vast, permanent ice sheet that has an average thickness of 2,000m. Jagged peaks of the Antarctic Peninsula tower above huge glaciers and provide a spectacular backdrop to the southern horizon. Clean white glaciers calve off into the salty, sea waters where they finally float to rest. Clearly nature is in charge here and any privileged visitor will be amazed at the abundant and diverse wildlife that seems to be unperturbed by the presence of humans.

Utilizing the long days of the southern summer and the security of our ice-strengthened ships as a base, one can explore the rugged coastline of the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands. Riding sturdy Zodiac landing craft (inflatable boats) we will manoeuver you through the placid, turquoise waters, among the extraordinarily shaped icebergs, to penetrate this spectacular wilderness and to be welcomed by a large variety of marine fauna.

Unruly seals and colonies of penguins can be seen in dizzying thousands. The chorus of numerous sea birds echoes from the cliffs and we may see humpback whales, the most acrobatic of all the large marine mammals.

Our carefully planned, optional, adventure side-trips will make this programme all the more exciting for anybody who wants to put their energy and enthusiasm to exotic use in this untrodden land.

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