Optional Adventure Activities While Cruising Antarctica

On some of the voyages, Antarctic Horizons is offering the following, optional, day expeditions. All adventure activities are graded according to difficulty and the relevant grading system is outlined below. Please refer to the enclosed insert for prices and departures for the special adventure-oriented cruises.

Skiing at Paradise Bay

Shore landings and cruising in Zodiacs. Grade 1

All passengers will have the opportunity to go ashore and to cruise amongst the icebergs in our Zodiac craft. Those not wishing to participate in the optional extra adventures will have even more opportunity for photography, iceberg cruising and wildlife observation.

Camping in Antarctica. Grade 2

A wonderful way to experience the ambience of Antarctica is to spend a night ashore. This option is available on all our adventure voyages. We provide the tents, snow grade sleeping bags and inflatable sleeping mats. There is no additional cost for this activity.

Snowshoeing. Grade 3

This non-committing adventure will allow you to explore the bizarre but beautiful terrain of a Antarctica, with ample time to photograph the many exotic shapes and colours of this fascinating environment.

Cross-country skiing. Grade 4

Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to sample the vast open areas of Antarctica. Using our ship as a base, we take advantage of the long hours of daylight, without being too strenuous, or committing.
Limited cross-country skiing experience is recommended before participating in this option.

Climbing above Andvord Bay

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Mountaineering. Grade 6

The rugged and spectacular spine of the Antarctic Peninsula is home to numerous mountains. Many of these summits are readily accessible as a one day expedition. Prior experience is not necessary but you must be in good physical condition.

Sea kayaking

This popular adventure allows an exciting but gentle way to explore the many bays and wildlife breeding grounds along the Peninsula. Excursions amongst the translucent icebergs are the ultimate paddling experience. This option is only for established sea kayakers with experience in paddling in the open water.


Grade 1 -
Not strenuous. Suitable for all ages.

Grade 2 -
May include overnight camping but no strenuous activities.

Kayaking in Antarctica

Grade 3 -
May involve some trekking, up to 4 hours per day but at a very leisurely pace. On these trips there is plenty of time for photography and wildlife observation etc.

Grade 4 -
Involves walking or cross country skiing up to 5-6 hours per day. All heavy, group equipment is pulled on sledges by guides, and you will only be required to carry your daypack containing personal clothing and equipment necessary for a day trip in the mountains.

Grade 5 -
These can be strenuous trips of up to 8-9 hours per day. Participants should have previous backpacking experience and must be sure footed on untracked terrain and uneven ground.

Grade 6 -
These are strenuous expeditions of up to 11 hours per day. There may be some camping on snow and carrying personal equipment. They may also involve mountaineering using crampons and ice tools. Climbers may be inexperienced but must be in good health
between the ages of 14 and 65 years, and be able to walk for 5 hours or more without undue discomfort.

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