Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia and Antarctica:

Explorers and Kings

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Grytviken whaling stations

This carefully designed journey involves exploration of Antarctica as well as the wildlife sanctuaries and human history of sub-Antarctic islands. Along with spectacular scenery this adventure will also experience an amazing range of flora and fauna. During our visit to the historic Falkland Islands, we will explore some of the surrounding islands that are home to huge concentrations of penguins and seals and we may also stop at Port Stanley, the smallest and most remote capital city in the world.

South Georgia, the most mountainous island of the southern ocean, has no permanent inhabitants and can only be visited by ship. Many consider this wild paradise to be the most beautiful place in the world. Cruising the South Shetland Islands and along the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula we will once again concentrate on wildlife viewing and absorbing the breathtaking scenery with narrow waterways, glaciers, icebergs and rugged mountains. There is also the possibility to visit several scientific bases.

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