Antarctic Peninsula
and the South Shetland Islands

12 and 15 Day Voyages

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Riding Zodiacs through the icebergs

As the great frozen continent thrusts its way north towards South America, Antarctica culminates in a jagged spine of mountains named the Antarctic Peninsula. These fang-like peaks are hammocked with accumulated ice that spawns glaciers of incredible size that flow into the complicated fiord-and-island topography of the western coast. These placid, nutrient-rich waters provide room and board to a tremendous variety of marine fauna during the Austral summer.

Departing and finishing in Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, these voyages will observe and explore spectacular sites along the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby South Shetland Islands, known to be the most scenic part of Antarctica. We shall concentrate on viewing wildlife and exploring the many channels and fiords, icebergs, glaciers and rugged mountains. We also plan to visit sites of early explorers and to explore the remains of whaling stations. You may also witness scientific work being performed at modern scientific stations.

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